OpenHydro: Structural Design of Tidal Turbines using ANSYS Workbench

OpenHydro is a Naval Energies company specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of marine turbines generating renewable energy from tidal streams. 

The full suite of ANSYS tools are used throughout the design process. OpenHydro and CADFEM maintain a close partnership to exploit the full potential of ANSYS and engineering simulation to achieve best designs within tight deadlines.

Images Courtesy of Openhydro Group Ltd   

We had the pleasure to welcome Matt Morhan, Mechanical Design Engineer of OpenHydro, to the 4th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference in Dublin. You can view Matt’s presentation via our Conference page…

 Full Turbine – Load Transfers

Full Turbine – Modal Analysis 

OpenHydro are unique in offering customers a full turn-key tidal farm service, including supply of Open-Centre Turbines, installation using patented barge deployment system, grid connection and maintenance.

The company’s vision is to be the global leader in delivering profitable tidal energy, silently, invisibly and with minimal impact on the environment.



Use of ANSYS CFX to derive drag coefficients.


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