The Power of optiSLang - FEA, CFD and Explicit Dynamics

The Power of optiSLang

Date : Thursday, 7th July 2016

Venue :

This webinar will provide you with an in depth introduction to the power of optiSLang regarding sensitivity analysis, optimisation and robustness evaluation of processes and systems. You will get an overview of how to carry out a parametric analysis and interpret results. In this context, methods will be explained how a simulation model can be integrated and analysed in optiSLang.

During a parametric optimisation, simulation models are modified based on the defined parameters until a predetermined optimisation goal is achieved. In this variant study, constraints often have to be considered. By means of a sensitivity analysis, you are able to identify the key variables and their optimisation potential. With the help of a robustness analysis, you have the opportunity to quantify uncertainties and derive appropriate measures.

Some of the areas we will be covering are:

1. Process Integration
  • Implementation of a simulation model into optiSLang within ANSYS Workbench
  • Integration of text-based input and output files to be executed with ANSYS APDL
  • Other integration options such as Excel, Matlab, Abaqus and SimulationX
2. Sensitivity Analysis
  • Definition of parameter ranges of the optimisation variables
  • Analysis of the design space with design of experiments
  • Assessment of the correlation between optimisation and response variables
  • Evaluation of the potential for optimisation and adherence to the constraints
3. Parametric Optimisation
  • Definition of optimisation objectives and constraints
  • Fast pre-optimisation using surrogate models from the sensitivity analysis
  • Final optimisation using direct model calculations
4. Robustness Evaluation
  • Definition of scattering input variables
  • Robustness evaluation of the optimal design
  • Conducting a stochastic analysis
  • Evaluation of robustness as well as the influence of scattering variables

Overview of OptiSLang Inside ANSYS.


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