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On 7th September 2017 ANSYS, Inc. has introduced its ground-breaking technology: ANSYS Discovery Live. This novel tool will change the way engineers design today, it will foster inventive talent in engineering. In Discovery Live physical product properties are displayed instantaneously, directly during geometry modelling.
This type of Live Simulation of mechanical, thermal, fluid-mechanical properties enables the engineer to immediately understand physical correlations, assess design modifications, and develop the product not only from a geometrical but also from a physical perspective. Time-consuming iterations between 3D-modelling and simulation are no longer needed, because 3D-modelling now simulates the physical properties.

Download Discovery Live 

Video above: CADFEM experts show you how it’s done, check 10 models in less than 10 minutes!

Live results: When we modify the geometry, the physical properties will change.

Discovery Live’s technology is based on a novel solver architecture, which is harmonised for massive parallel computations with graphics cards (GPUs) and which enables Live Simulation.

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Do you want to use Discovery Live on your PC? We are pleased to provide a full version to you – free of charge – until end of January. The only pre-requisite is that you have a machine available with a nVidia-graphics card (Kepler Platform or newer) with a minimum of a 4 GB graphic card memory. If yes, please register via the Discovery forum for the Download.

You do not have a suitable graphics card but would like to try out the new technology?

We are happy to offer you an 8 hour free evaluation on Amazon.

You will be using a virtual machine on Amazon Cloud which we put to your disposal.

Please confirm via this link that you agree with the conditions for use and licensing. We will be in contact with you afterwards regarding your access.

Or: You would like to get a feel for Discovery Livewith no installation at all and directly in your browser? In this case, you can go for the ANSYS “Cloud Trial“: After your Registration via the Discoveryforum, use the search key “Cloud Trial“ and you will be able to use Discovery Live in your Browser – for up to 1 hour.
Please note that it is not possible to analyse any imported geometries (please use our offer for an Amazon Cloud Machine for the same). The focus of Cloud Trial is to learn the first steps of using the new technology with the help of pre-defined examples.



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Discovery Live – Your Quick Start into a groundbreaking technology

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Simulation Conference

Discovery Live at the 4th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference, 12th and 13th October, Dublin


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