4th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference – Ireland & UK

4th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference – Ireland & UK

Date:    12th & 13th October 2017
Venue: Engineers Ireland, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


“We really enjoyed the Conference and the content of all the presentations was very informative as always.”

 Dr John Mc Namara, Timoney Technology. Nov. 2016



We are delighted to announce the first speakers of the 4th CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference – Ireland & UK which we will host once again at Engineers Ireland in Dublin.

The conference provides a forum for you to network with simulation experts from CADFEM, ANSYS UK, DYNARDO, Motor Design UK and of course other ANSYS users. It is a perfect opportunity to have first sight of emerging technologies and directions in simulation, meet the larger ANSYS community, share experiences and best practices.

The Conference will run over two days, with a Networking Dinner on Day 1, and will include core presentations by ANSYS users and simulation experts. 

We are very pleased to announce ANSYS as the Sponsor of our Networking Dinner on 12th October which we will host again at a fine restaurant in Monkstown, Dublin.

CADFEM and ANSYS want to provide a wealth of knowledge to you on how to achieve accurate and meaningful simulations. 

Attendance is free but places are limited – Please register now!

If you are interested in presenting,  the extended submission deadline is: 24th August 2017.  Please scroll down for further information.

2nd August – 15 presentations announced:

Simulation for Product Design & Development – An Outlook
Derek Sweeney (CADFEM UK & Ireland Ltd., Dublin)

ANSYS – Corporate Update, Product Enhancements and New Capabilities
Gair Matthews (ANSYS UK Ltd.)

ANSYS AIM: Product Simulation for Every Engineer
Marc Vidal (CADFEM GmbH, Germany)

Vibration and Acoustics for Electric Drive Development inside ANSYS (CADFEM ANSYS Extension)
Jens Otto (CADFEM GmbH, Germany)
This presentation will cover a most complete application workflow to describe magnetic excited vibration and noise effects for electric motors.

Electric Drive Complete Solution
Jens Otto (CADFEM GmbH, Germany) and Dr James Goss, Head of Technology (Motor Design Ltd, UK)
This presentation will outline an efficient electric motor simulation workflow combining the analysis tools from MDL with ANSYS advanced physics simulation to cover magnetic and thermal effects in machine design.

Shortening a Space Valve Electromagnetics Design Cycle with ANSYS Maxwell
Jim White (Nammo, Dublin)

Simulation of Electric Connectors using ANSYS AIM
Matt Wilhite (Product IQ Consulting Limited, Malahide)

Sensitivity Questions for Electric Machines and Answers via Meta-Models
Markus Stokmaier (DYNARDO GmbH, Germany)

A Comparison of the ‘Effective Notch Stress Method’ and the ‘Theory of Critical Distances’ for Structural Analysis of  Welds on a Small Wind Turbine Nacelle using ANSYS Mechanical               Fiachra Ó Brádaigh (Airsynergy Ltd, Granard)

Development of a Lightweight Vehicle Add-on Armour System Utilising Shear Thickening Fluid
Saviour Okeke, Andrew Keppel (Department of Aerospace, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Institute of Technology Carlow)

ANSYS CFD for Aerodynamic Simulation for Novel Turbine Device
Adrian Dunne (CADFEM Ireland Ltd, Dublin)  

LS-DYNA Drop Test Analysis in ANSYS Workbench
Ian Turner  (CADFEM UK & Ireland Ltd)    

Increasing the Efficiency of an Aerofoil by Drag Reduction using Boundary Layer Control
Brian Considine (Institute of Technology Carlow)    

eCADFEM – ANSYS Software on Demand, Amazon Hardware on Demand
Bob Moore (CADFEM Ireland Ltd, Cork)                            

The use of ANSYS to drive Innovation in Medical Devices
Gabriel Arias (CADFEM UK & Ireland Ltd)       

You can still submit an abstract about your work with ANSYS for a technical presentation in the program – until 24th August.

User presentations are invited in areas that cover the following topics and applications: 
ANSYS AIM, ANSYS Workbench, Biomedical Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electronic Devices, Energy Generation Technologies, Finite Element Analysis, Fatigue, Fluid Structure Interaction, Heat Transfer, HPC, Hardware, Cloud Computing, Mechanical Simulation, Optimisation in Product Design, Submodelling in ANSYS. 

For assistance, further information and to submit your abstract now, please contact Barbara Leichtenstern, blei@cadfemireland.com

Derek Sweeney and the CADFEM UK & Ireland Team


Travel information:  The Conference venue, Engineers Ireland, is located on Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, in a beautifully  listed building overlooking Herbert Park. This charming  part of Dublin is very well served by public transport and by Aircoach, the Dublin Airport Express bus service.

For details on location, public transport, parking and nearby hotels, please check:

Recommendation for our guests from the UK and Europe: Aircoach Route 702 brings you straight into Ballsbridge: http://www.aircoach.ie/timetables/route-702-dublin-airport-greystonesbray

Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge: https://www.claytonhotelballsbridge.com/

Herbert Park Hotel Ballsbridge: http://www.herbertparkhotel.ie

Please contact us for advice and assistance!



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